Basic Beats (Minimal House Mix) Anton Dobbitron

Apr 2, 2011
320 kbps
99 MB
Marc D

Anton Dobbitron wrapped up his first Minimal House mix and presented it to Tjoonz. If it's 125 BPM and banging, we'll take it! =)

Finished up my very first minimal/tech house mix this past week. Contains a bunch of funky and interesting tracks including well known artists like Fedde le Grand and Afrojack, as well as a few lesser known. Hope everyone enjoys!

~Anton Dobbitron

  1. Fedde le Grand – Control Room
  2. The Cube Guys – Scarcube (Landmark Scarface Mix)
  3. DJ Chick, Dave Lauren – Smoking Weed
  4. Mark Knight – Yalta Groove
  5. Love Girls – She Controls Me (Sascha Braemer’s Me Me Mix)
  6. Domino – Not Sure About Logic Anymore (Original Mix)
  7. Gabriel Rocha – Drunken Russian
  8. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings in Exile (Booka Shade Remix)
  9. Andreas Henneberg – Bolingo Gringo
  10. Funkagenda – Budgie
  11. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods
  12. Random Lyrics – Good Morning
  13. Avrosse – That Beat (Avrosse Remix)
  14. Afrojack – Chords (George F & Tekkman Tekknojack Remix)
  15. Stefan Blackbot – In

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This mix has 9 comments

  • justin said…

    something wrong with this ….. i cant listen or down load this mix :'(

  • Marc D said…

    Sorry to hear. It works fine on my end =)

  • Anton Dobbitron said…

    Not working for me either, keeps buffering…

  • justin said…

    Dobbitron!!!! your mixes are so sick! i wana listen to this one, but it wont let me :(

  • Marc D said…

    The download should work fine, otherwise copy the link into your browser. I can’t do anything else here. It might be because your .wav didn’t play to begin with. I’ve had this problem with you before I think. Can’t you record directly to MP3?

  • Anton Dobbitron said…

    I record on traktor, and it saves into wav. I use wavepad sound editor to convert and it usually works. Unsure what the issue is with this one.

    The mix is on my soundcloud as well if anyone wants to download/listen. Apologies about the file issues

  • Marc D said…

    Can you check if it converts to MP3 using LAME v1.30, engine 3.92 MMX (or something close to it, just using LAME Encoder)

  • J DUBs said…

    thanks for the link Dobbitron, ill go check it out :)

  • ssephiroth8273 said…

    rack rag em

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