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Tjoonz is a platform for sharing bass music of amateurs and professionals alike. On this page you can learn how you can submit your mixtape to Tjoonz.

Submission screening

To ensure the quality of mixtapes is up to our standards, all submissions are screened. Artists who regularly submit mixtapes will acquire a reputation over time, and will be able to skip screening of their submissions and speed up the process. Because Tjoonz is a spare-time project, it may take some time before your submission is screened and approved. We have a high volume of daily submissions and this makes screening submissions very time-consuming to run the site. Please respect the following requirements to speed up your submission.

Submission requirements

Failure to comply can result in your submission to be delayed or ignored altogether.

How to submit

You can share your mixtape any way you like, as long as there is a valid download available and a tracklist provided. Simply dropping an email is fine! You would greatly help us if you’d fill in the information from the template below: