Dog’s Breakfast Dog Bless

May 31, 2011
128 kbps
18 MB
Marc D

Dog’s Breakfast for your ears.

~Dog Bless

  1. Figure – Have you fucked up
  2. Wondawulf – Too Hot
  3. Trolley Snatcha & Macka B – Shake it (Wondawulf RMX)
  4. 12th Panet & Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P RMX) (Wondawulf RMX)
  5. Figure – Aliens
  6. Logun – Dat Ass (Crizzly RMX)
  7. Liquid Strangers – Shake My Ass

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This mix has 6 comments

  • zachh said…

    damn this mix is sick!!! good job

  • Zerh said…

    This mix was REALLY Good

  • Ben Stephens said…

    This mix was sick man, is there going to be more? <3 :)

  • Marc D said…

    Dog Bless has a couple of mixes done, some you can find here on Tjoonz. Try the search box. Pretty sure new mixes will follow too :)

  • Harkema said…

    aighttttt nice beats 120 each min goodjuoioioib!

  • cl3ver said…

    Tonight… We’re gettin FUUUUUUUCKED
    Love Katt Williams.

    Good mix.

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